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Ici la terre

Ici la terre, this is a loving epic with a touch of roman references, resonating with as a life and nature ode’s. This is also a group and multidisciplinary expedition which huddle together six friends to seal on the top of a steep cliff a bronze sculpture representing an arm. The arm seems to emerge from the mountain to hold a real bunch of flowers.

Before that the bunch fade away, after a short day, faded, taken away by the wind.

Mountain conquest, dizziness’s, as well as a lover conquest, Ici la terre (This is earth calling) magnetise cultural references before orientating them toward nature.

An activist gesture that ignores itself, located outside of the joint field of vision, with an energetic and economic balance deficient (all this for this…), espousing the copy left philosophy (this sculpture and this future doesn’t belong to us anymore), working above all in order to praise glory to life!

Voiçi la vidéo de l’expédition qui a fixé le bras dans la montagne, et déposée un bouquet de fleurs dessus :

Les tentatives (The endeavours)

A jump into outer space into his birthday suit stretching a bunch of flower to the sea.

Trying, for just a moment, to hold into the sky a bunch of flower, immediately allowing the laws of gravity to regain the upper hand, but with the belief that, somewhere, the bunch of flowers is still in the sky, with flowers more alive than ever.

Tentative amoureuse, 2014 Rade de Beaulieu, 55x89, 5 exemplaires

Expression d’une émotion amoureuse (Amorous emotion expression)

Flowers that grow from the body. As an untellable emotion by the words that are passing through the skin. Recomposing the face giving him the shade of an oral expression.

Série de 6 photographies , 60x60cm ou 70x70cm

Expression d’une émotion amoureuse VI, 2018, 70x70, 5 exemplaires
Les visites

Les expéditions qui nous ont fait choisir la montagne pour produire ce geste nous ont fait aussi l’immortaliser au cours d’une photo pour chaque lieu visité qui immortalise cette recherche.

This post is also available in Français