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Here the earth

Ici la terre is a love epic imbued with romantic references, resounding like an ode to nature and life. It is a collective and multidisciplinary expedition that brings together six friends to seal the bronze sculpture of an arm holding out a real bouquet of flowers to the top of a cliff.

Conquest of the mountains, of vertigo, as well as a conquest of love, Ici la terre magnetizes the references of culture in order to orient them towards nature. A militant gesture that is unaware of itself, out of the common field of vision, with a deficient energy, economic balance (all that for that…), by espousing the philosophy of copyleft (this sculpture and its future no longer belong to us), working by above all to give glory to life!


Here is the video of the expedition which fixed the arm in the mountain, and placed a bouquet of flowers on it:


Like a performative metaphor of the project immortalized in a photo, jumped into the sea with flowers, holding out a bouquet of flowers for a few seconds in the sky.

Tentative amoureuse, 2014 Rade de Beaulieu, 55x89, 5 exemplaires
Expression of a loving emotion

Flowers growing from the body. Like an indescribable emotion by the words that come through the skin. Recomposing the face giving it the tint of a floral expression.

Series of 6 photographs, 60x60cm or 70x70cm

Expression d’une émotion amoureuse VI, 2018, 70x70, 5 exemplaires
The visits

The expeditions that made us choose the mountain to carry out the project ” here the earth ” also made us immortalize it during a photo for each place visited which immortalizes this search.

La Visite, 2014, 55x89 cm, 5 exemplaires

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