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Limited editions:

Voler sous l’eau
Voler sous l’eau

Benoit Barbagli, Voler sous l’eau, 2021

Epreuve pigmentaire Ultra Smooth Hahnemühle 305g 30 exemplaires

50 x 33,3 cm

30 exemplaires

Si Bémol Amoureux – Broche
Si Bémol Amoureux – Broche

Benoit Barbagli
taille : 40mm
Pin’s double attache
Plaqué Or
Edition limité

Frozen Egg
Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg, 2021

Résine transparente

11,8 x 8,9 x 15,7 cm

Edition limité à 30 exemplaire

Visible à la galerie Eva Vautier

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Editions limitées : 

Limited editions are signed and numbered works, published depending on the case between 10 copies and 100 copies. They are smaller in size and less expensive than the original works.

This post is also available in Français Italiano