L’immersion, 2015 – Epic: Tide of trepidation

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The tide of trepidation
A lyrical theatrical epic bringing together sailors, designers, architects, poets and post-modern artists of all stripes, to immerse a heavy metaphor: a piano under the sea, using a floating crane built for the occasion, infusing a musical wave into the depths of the sea, a tribute to the famous pianist and diver Esbjorn Svensson, who said he drew inspiration from underwater.

The piano immersion took place on May 28, 2015, accompanied by numerous seaside performances, channeling artistic energy towards and for the sea.

What if our thoughts, memories, reflections and feelings, like our perceptions, came from the outside? What if our brain, quite different from a computer memory, wasn’t a storage tool at all, but rather a simple magnetic receiver? Like our perceptive organs, it captures our memories, feelings and thoughts, rather than accumulating them.

What if, on this blue planet, it were the water that makes it up that stored our memory, and the water in us that received it? The ocean, in perpetual motion, would produce our living memory at every moment. In the ebb and flow, waves send us messages via a wave that gravity keeps coherent.

Today, thanks to this musical infusion, this immersed piano acts like a vortex towards our deepest memory, our collective unconscious. This will enable us to generate a wave charged with extraordinary energy, which will spread to the farthest reaches of the ocean to soften its structure and dissipate its tensions. So we can find peace.

For the duration of the piano’s immersion, the space becomes our mind, and every gesture is transformed into emotion.