Everything must go , 2021 , Series, Natural Manifestation

Natural events
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In the shadow of imminent collapse, joy re-emerges as a powerful weapon of resistance. Instead of being a simple state of temporary bliss, it encourages us to dive in, to rediscover our origins, to establish deep connections with nature and decipher its mysterious echoes. Far from being mere spectators, we become actors, in symbiosis with nature, redrawing a rich and profound ethic of perception.

Lac Saint-Cassien was the setting for a unique experience. Like a living canvas, its clear waters served as a canvas for the collective to inscribe their emotions, aspirations and quest for meaning. under the impetus of Benoit, accompanied by his friends, dived in, taking with him a camera like no other. Passing from hand to hand, this camera captured fleeting, intense moments, creating a link between the individual and the collective, the human and the natural.

Each shot tells a story. Among them, “Origine de la Joie” stands out, where two beings, stripped of any notion of gender, seem to float, evolving in harmony in the aquatic sanctuary. The underwater dance of these figures evokes a return to the beginning, where life took root in the amniotic fluid, translating lost harmony and forgotten joy.

Other performances are not to be outdone. “Atlas Collectif” and “Sisyphe Collectif” evoke humanity’s burden and challenge in the face of nature, while celebrating our collective capacity to overcome and create. These names, borrowed from ancient myths, evoke deep echoes of our cultural heritage and our place in the cosmos.

Through the constantly moving lens of this flying device, the collective immortalizes their passage, creating a modern mythology, a hymn to nature and human interaction.

At the heart of this series, the “Origin of Joy” shot stands out for its raw simplicity and tangible truth. Two silhouettes, immersed in the depths of Lac Saint-Cassien, are enveloped in clear water, filtering light in soft shades. Their skin seems almost luminescent, accentuated by the contrast with the surrounding shadows.

The first figure floats peacefully, body relaxed, limbs slightly apart, as if carried by the water. You could almost feel the slow, steady rhythm of her breathing, the air bubble rising to the surface with each exhalation. It embodies the simplicity of the elements, recalling the moment when life itself emerged from the water.

At his side, the second figure seems to be in motion, one arm outstretched, perhaps reaching for something beyond our field of vision. Her other arm is bent, her legs moving frantically, creating ripples around her, disturbing the ambient calm. This quest, this swimming movement, evokes an attempt to make one’s way through liquid density.

Their juxtaposition, one calm and the other agitated, creates a dynamic tension in the image. It’s like observing the calm before the storm and the storm itself, simultaneously. The silent intensity of the water around them seems to absorb and reflect their states of mind, making “Origine de la Joie” both evocative and enigmatic.

This scene reminds us of the original simplicity of the elements, the moment when life took root in amniotic fluid. In this deep immersion, there’s the hope of a new relationship, both respectful and full of wonder, between ourselves, nature and the collective.

This project would not have been possible without Aimée Fleury, Coraline, Cédric Mounier, Evan Bourgeau, Katalina Cerca and Tristan Blumel.

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Sans Bord , 2021

Series, Natural Manifestation

90 x 50 cm

Exhibition Orées

Everything must go , 2021

Series, Natural Manifestation

90 x 50 cm

Exhibition Orées

Under Chaos life , 2021

Series, Natural Manifestation

90 x 50 cm

Exhibition Under the Choas life

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