Excerpt from the video Le temps du feu, 2020

Poetry vacations and Novecento
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Two photographs from the exhibition ici la terre entière, their story told here

As they finish refining their poetic technology, together they hold the secret of the earth’s flight, and a couple of others too, which they perfected on a naturist beach, the same one where he saw the earth take flight. It seems that in their last photo, the poetry has gone on vacation. Well, they’re working on a kind of poetic gravity particle to bring it back.

This project would not have been possible without Célia Vanhoutte


You too can be part of an upcoming photo project, so don't hesitate to write to me. All bodies, all ages, all genders are welcome. If so, write to us here.

A kind of methaphore like the earth
, 2015

Series, A kind of methaphor like planet earth


89 x 55 cm

5 copies

Poetry Vacation #1, 2015

34 x 55 cm

3 copies

Model: Célia