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Annapurna View, 2016, Nepal

Search: Artist’s Assistant Internship or Work-study program


Location: 41 route de Saint-Pancrace. 06100 Nice (Preference for candidates with vehicles)

Length of internship: 2 months minimum (but can be split over a longer period).

Remuneration and working hours: Paid internship with flexible working hours.


I’m looking for someone who can adapt quickly, is inventive and eager to learn new things. It’s essential to be able to establish a positive human relationship, as I prefer a working environment characterized by horizontality, where communication and the exchange of ideas take place on an equal footing. I’m generous with my knowledge.

You can fill in the form or simply e-mail me at


Responsibilities :

Workshop work :

  • Artistic projects: Active participation in various forms of artistic expression.
  • Sculpture techniques and 3D printing: Involvement in projects using various materials and techniques.

Communication :

  • Correspondence management: answering e-mails and managing effective communications.
  • Social media and Web: Updating online content, including websites and social media profiles.
  • Newsletters: design and send out newsletters to keep you informed about news and projects.

Design and Development :

  • Video editing : Creating and editing video content.
  • Photo retouching: processing and enhancement of photographic images.
  • Artificial Intelligence Development: Using AI-based tools for creative and innovative projects.
  • 3D modeling: Use Blender for 3D modeling projects.
  • Editing and Publishing: Involvement in the creative and editorial process, with mastery of InDesign for the creation of editions and books.

Canvassing and File Construction :

  • Promotion and Organization: Assistance in planning and promoting exhibitions.
  • Networking: Developing contacts in the artistic and cultural community.

How to apply: At present, the opportunities offered are in the form of an “Internship with agreement”. I’m currently looking into the feasibility of offering sandwich courses, given my current status. I’m also considering the option of taking on civic service volunteers. If you are interested in this position, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll look into what we can do together, depending on your situation and the arrangements available.


This course does not include participation in photography sessions.

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