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The original works

The original works are listed in the catalog raisonné and have a signed and dated certificate of authenticity. For photographs photographs and are limited to a maximum of 5 copies.

Discover the original works


Selection of works from the Ecotopia project

Discover the original works

Limited edition editions

Limited editions are signed and numbered works, published depending on the case between 10 copies and 100 copies. They are smaller in size and less expensive than the original works.

Discover the Editions

B flat in love – brooch

20.00 €

Benoit Barbagli
Brooch in Zinc alloy, Double attachment, Gold platedSize: 40mm
Limited edition

Starting price !

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Exoview, 2020


NFTs are dematerialized works of art in limited series.

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Original works:
Benoît Barbagli, Révolution Naturelle II
Révolution naturelle II

Benoît Barbagli, Révolution naturelle II, 2020

Épreuve pigmentaire sur papier Ultra Smooth Hahnemühle 305g, 120 x 90 cm

Benoit Barbagli et Aimée Fleury, Carré blanc sur fond blanc
Carré blanc sur fond blanc

Benoit Barbagli et Aimée Fleury, Carré blanc sur fond blanc, 2019,

Épreuve pigmentaire sur papier Ultra Smooth Hahnemühle 305g, 90 x 60 cm

Le Grand Nord
Le grand nord

Benoit Barbagli, Le grand nord, 2019

Épreuve pigmentaire sur papier Ultra Smooth Hahnemühle 305g, 100 x 67 cm

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