Tout autour l’eau exhibition view – 2022 -galerie Eva Vautier

Columns of the Anthropocene
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In the current context of ecological awareness and the major environmental issues of our time, art plays a crucial role in offering a unique perspective on these challenges. With this in mind, Benoit Barbagli has designed the Colonnes de l’Anthropocène, sculptures that combine aesthetics with an ecopolitics message. Created specifically for the“Tout autour de l’eau” exhibition at Galerie Eva Vautier, these works highlight the theme of water and its future scarcity, a subject of vital importance for our future.

The Anthropocene Columns are the result of 3D modeling of curves derived from scientific data on climate and biodiversity. These curves were materialized using 3D printing, then molded and fired in biosourced resin based on plaster (for Thetis and Eros) and cement (for Helios and Chronos).

From left to right: Thetis and Chronos, Eros and Chronos, Helios and Chronos.

Helios and Chronos illustrate the curve of variations in the planet’s average temperature since its origins, highlighting the effects of global warming. Eros and Chronos, for their part, highlight the variations in the number of species families since the appearance of life on Earth, with a marked visibility on the curve of the various mass extinctions. Lastly, Thetis and Chronos, directly echoing the theme of the exhibition, represent variations in sea level, underlining the fact that sea water has been rising ever since we had the means to measure it, highlighting the urgency of the situation linked to water scarcity.

It’s essential to mention the invaluable contribution of Gabriella, Oriane and Arch, who actively participated in the creation of these works. Our thanks also go to Galerie Vautier for its unfailing support, having played a key role in the production of these sculptures.


Thetis & Chronos, 2022

Anthropocene Columns series

60 x 60 x 15 cm

8 + 4 EA copies

Eros & Chronos, 2021

Anthropocene Columns series

30 x 20 x 20 cm

8 + 4 EA copies

Helios & Chronos, 2021

Anthropocene Columns series

60 x 30 x 30 cm

8 + 4 EA copies