Video excerpt – La Nuit Incandescente, 2020

Incandescent Night
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The film“La Nuit Incandescente” is dedicated to Act 3 of Ecotopia, where fire takes center stage. It serves not only as an element, but also as a tool for transformation and expression. Since Ecotopia’s creation, fire has been a constant companion. It was used to create the charcoal ink that marks every canvas in the project. By calcination, the organic matter collected during the journeys was transformed into lampblack, which, mixed with water, was used to capture the essence of mountains and seas on canvas.

Fire ritual is more than just a ceremony; it’s a process of expressing nature and a rite of transforming matter. One winter night in 2020, under the first supermoon of the year, a group of friends lit a campfire on the edge of a forest. The wood used for fire, once an integral part of this nature, has been transformed into light and heat, before once again becoming a nutritive element for the forest itself.

Around this fire, various forms of expression took place, including dances, songs and performances. On several occasions, a linen cloth was placed on the fire, suffering a few burns but also softening the flames.

It’s not we who make this ritual sacred, but rather nature itself. The participants are essentially witnesses who, in the course of this transformation, have captured on a linen canvas the echo of what nature expressed that evening.

The music composed for the video serves to reinforce this experience, harmonizing visual and aural elements to create a coherent representation of this complex ritual. The film thus forms a documentation of how fire, as an element and as a process, is integrated into Ecotopia’s ongoing journey through the various elements of nature.

This video is about the Ecotopia project, which you can see here

This project would not have been possible without Aimée Fleury, Evan Bourgeau, Celia Vanhoutte , Gabriel, Camille Franch-Guerra and Tristan Blumel.

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