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On this page, you’ll discover the projects currently under development and their progress. Depending on the project, there are a number of ways in which you can get involved, either with concrete help in the form of your skills or participation, or with financial support. By making a financial contribution, you breathe life into these projects, and also benefit from exclusive rewards in return for your contribution. These are works of art or limited editions linked to the project. Taking part will make you a co-constructor of the work, edition or project in question.

Tide of Trepidation montage, May 25, 2015 in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Blaze of the seas




Brasier des Mers is a collective initiative combining exploration, art and dialogue in an aquatic context. The raft, the central element of this project, is made from recycled materials. Its structure is composed of two circular modules, providing a stable, modular platform. In the middle of this platform, a raised brazier, specially designed for this project, is integrated. The base of the brazier is perforated, allowing light to filter through and illuminate the underwater space.


The photographic tool

This configuration is primarily intended for photographic purposes: illuminated by natural firelight, underwater bodies in nocturnal conditions. Thanks to its perforated design, light is distributed to create underwater light and shadow effects.

This light source is also used for aerial photography and to produce photographs and videos as part of the Exoview project. Drones, positioned 90 degrees above the brazier, can capture images contrasting the firelight with the surrounding expanse of water.

Participants, swimming naked or in costumes created for the occasion, are guided by the light emanating from the burning brazier. This approach adds a performance dimension to the experience, making each dive a visual, immersive and athletic adventure.

The agora

The raft’s second function is to serve as a floating agora. The circular modules offer enough space to host small floating conferences. Topics include artistic, ecological and social issues. The unstable, precarious marine setting immerses the dialogues in a natural environment. This instability, far from being a handicap, reinforces the commitment to issues such as sustainability and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems. It literally immerses participants in the environment they are discussing, making conversations not just theoretical but practically rooted in the environment they aim to understand and protect.

Meta project

As with all my projects, the project is horizontal, modular and open-source. Other ideas can be grafted onto the project, and it can be the matrix for hosting other projects.

Type of participation :

As with all my projects, the project is horizontal, modular and open-source. I accept that other ideas can be grafted onto the project, that it can be the matrix to host other projects.

We need :

  • Arms to assemble and steer the raft, and technical assistance on the day of the performance.
  • Photographers/cameras who want to capture the experience.
  • Model divers willing to lend their bodies to the photographic experience.
  • Of poets and speakers, philosophers who want to take part in the marine symposium.
  • The crowdfunding link will soon be available here. In return for financial support, we will be offering works of art and limited editions.
  • The press and journalists to question the ambition and relevance of the performance.

Several update sessions are currently in preparation; the photographic sessions and colloquia will not be held on the same day.

The project roadmap is not yet fully planned, but several launches will take place near Nice in spring 2024 and in Corsica in summer 2024.

You can join this WhatsApp group where news and project progress will be shared.

You can follow his evolution on Instagram.



Crowdfunding link: Coming soon

WhatsApp Group:

Contact page: https: //

Project date: End of September 2023 – Spring 2024

Thank you

Stage 1 of the project is complete, the raft is built.

Many thanks to Cédric Mounier, who helped build the Radeau, and to the invaluable help of Aimée Fleury and Mona Barbagli.

If you’d like to be part of this adventure when the raft is launched, write to us on this page.




Fire on water – the 64th Hexagrame – AI-assisted creation