Le sacre hivernale, 2022- Series, The shape of the sea -180x 285 cm – Unique

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Benoît Barbagli’s “Ecotopia” series is an immersion in which the artist withdraws to let nature take center stage. Each canvas, influenced by the vertigo of the mountains or the rhythm of the waves, bears witness to this withdrawal. Unlike dripping, which captures the artist’s energy, “Ecotopia” lets nature express itself. The artist simply becomes nature’s assistant.

This series, initiated during a trek to Annapurna in 2016, has been highlighted in monographic exhibitions. “La Mer à l’Œuvre” in Nice explores the interaction between ink and waves, while “Nouvelle Vague” at the Palazzo in Turin highlights the symbiosis between man and mountain. To find out more, visit the “La Mer à l’Œuvre” and “Nouvelle Vague” exhibitions.

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Beneath the mountain, the waterfall

Under the fall, time

Under the weather, chaos

Beneath the chaos, life

The sea at work shot by Aimée Fleury

The sea at work shot by Aimée Fleury