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The jump in love, 2014, Rade de Beaulieu

Benoit Barbagli lives and work between Nice and Paris.

Conceptual technology engineer, he elaborates a thought-forms transmission network remotely without any middle interface. A unique technology which act as a lubricant on words and things, between actions and feelings, in order to make them more flexible and connected. He uses love and life as tools.

A technology sometimes verbal, sometimes plastic, which never stop building bridges bridges between a great deal of knowledge revealed thought human encounters and collective enrichment. Each new project is promoting the synergy between the different trades: mountain climbers, engineers, architects, sailors…

The artist doesn’t know, he learns, he shares and finally becomes the mirror of his meetings.

The cross-curricular approach is the strength of his projects. It destroys the already porous art’s borders to elaborate a no-border object, unincorporated, with link creator vocation.

An extravagant engineering in assumed phase-shifted with any technological progress, an ecological awareness, a simple gesture praise, which provides a clearly activist understanding.

The gestures perception swings between a cultural forms satire, a mindless poetic act and a vigorous erotic expression crossed by a gender questioning.

He fluctuates between a large-scale communication and transmission project (Art-Business-3.0. Contemporary Marketing) and an intense love story narrated with sincerity and commitment.

He vacillates between a structured and rigorous logician’s speech and an intellectual scam where nobody would never know when did it start.

Wrapped in sophisticated devices and sometimes tenuous references, gesture meaning, he expresses himself in a simple language, down to earth, and always sincere.

Bucolic, lover, loving life and being thankful for that, deeply diving into it, ruling art as a life pretext.

And believe it or not, into this bubbling activity, slowness is praised, stammering the degrowth as the only possible environmental approach. This slowing activity turns more willingly toward meditation, as a way to connect with his inner self, a way of social claim, fantasizing the ultimate work as a simple wind: a breathing.

This post is also available in Français