Sunset at the Cime de Notre-Dame d’Amirat during the creation of works for the Ecotopia project.

Views of workshops
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“Vue d’atelier” is a video produced in 2019 that shows footage filmed during the creation of the Ecotopia works. Based on the concept that nature is a workshop in itself, an immersive space where we can collaborate with the environment, the video is accompanied by a specially composed soundtrack. It presents experiences, both collective and individual, including walks and treks in various natural environments such as the mountains, the sea and the forest. This video is a key element in understanding the essence of Ecotopia and immersing oneself in the work.

This video is about the Ecotopia project, which you can see here

This video would not have been possible without Aimée Fleury, Yoan Malet, Morgane Mercurio, Tristan Blumel, and many others who accompanied me on mountain treks to create these works.