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light in love

Benoit Barbagli’s Original Token, 2021

Here is Light in love Benoit Barbagli’s Original Token , an NFT (Non fungible token) available in 1000 Copies.

This may also be your first digital work!

At the fixed price of 0.001 ETH (around €2.3).




Taking up an emblematic image of my practice, “Light in love” aims to play its role as a “logo”, a digital landmark initiating my entry into the blockchain.

B Flat in love GIF , 2021

B Flat in love GIF , 2021

July 14, 2019, Rade de Beaulieu, France

original works

1 Copy

21% Royalties (the weight of the soul)

Fixed price: 2 ETH

Size: 7,152,576 bytes

Size: 1000 x 667 pixels

Format: GIFT (contains 32 images)

Certificate of authenticity signed.

Original works in 1 single copy Minter on Rarible on the Ethrerum channel

The work B Flat in love GIF is the first NFT registered in the Catalog Raisonné, and therefore considered as an original work.

This post is also available in Français