Manifesto for the “All around water” exhibition, the general manifesto is currently being drafted.

The harder the collapse hits, the more joy is needed.

Don’t think of these words as a Don’t look up* distraction from the cause, but as a tool for revolutionary use. Joy binds our interactions together, giving us the power to act and build collectively. By making the common possible, it becomes an act of resistance.

Without this common ground, ecological thinking goes haywire. As planetary limits are exceeded one by one, what can joy do? What can a few submerged bodies do, swimming in a circle underwater, with no clothes, no tools, no words? A few frantic movements to reach the surface, take a breath and dive back in, breathless, weightless: all around water, all around life.

Together, naked, immersed in water, we deconstruct the sophistications of our culture, redrawing the immediate relationships for which nature is the first, omnipresent, unsurpassable link. When creating an image, it’s not the composition, or the visual or conceptual originality, that’s important. It is the harmonic resonance of bonds and emotions between individuals surrounded by nature that composes an aesthetic: an ethic of perception.