Orées – Villa Caméline – Nice – September 2021

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Geste d’amours, 2021 Acrylic resin and flowers, artist proof, Benoit Barbagli




Aimée Fleury, Anne-Laure Wuillai, Benjamin Fincher, Benoît Barbagli, Camille Franch-Guerra, Eglé Vismante, Evan Bourgeau, Mona Barbagli, Omar Rodriguez Sanmartin, Tom Barbagli, Tristan Blumel

from September 11 to October 19, 2021



Exhibition open by appointment : helene.fincker@villacameline.fr // +33 (0)6 60 984 988

Artists’ offices on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon without appointment




Do we dare to continue the march towards the great forest?

It is a question of placing ourselves at the edge, at the interstice. To take the place of a piece.

It is a question of giving an account of the symbioses as much as the violence, between the worlds seen.

It is about sitting under an umbrella during the night, to throw dice.

On one of the sides appears a symbol : Orées

The story we are told is that of a dozen young artists who find themselves in a barn overlooking the Vésubie, the traces of the Alex storm mix with those of civilizations. Road washed away, path in the river bed, this particular stay becomes a source of creation. The PALAM collective, known for its long walks, leaves room for the notion of living. The resulting nidation becomes the crux of the experience. A few nights spent in the heights, in the shadow of the stellar aegis … where are we going?

In the evening, stories are written and recomposed. During the day, the mutual aid and the sharing of our tools hybridize our works, increase our mutual understanding and the porosity of our practices.

Since our ability to resist nature, to protect ourselves from it and then to dominate it was built in common. It is in a pack that we can hear it, adapt to it, preserve it and disappear in it.

We were on the edge of nature, neither quite in nor quite out. With an attentive look, with a cautious gesture we let the fracture that separated us soften.

From the mountains to the metropolis, it is here, in this abandoned house, that it is up to us to render the paradoxes collected under the leaves of a tree, in the hollow of a stream, in the ravines of a field. In fine, to create a scene which in its turn reveals us the edges: These doors exalting our sensitivities, offering multiple relationships to nature, that we went to look for far away.

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